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We pride ourselves on being on time, affordable and competitive pricing, being professional and cleaning up when we finish. Put simply, we believe in good Old Fashioned Service!

Our Kiara Plumber services include ..


Toilet & Tap Repairs
Hot Water Repairs
General Maintenance Plumbing
Full Tapware Replacement
Bathroom Plumbing
Kitchen Plumbing
Laundry Plumbing


Gas bayonet installs
Hot water system servicing
Hot water system replacements
Gas cook top installation
Gas BBQ installation
Gas connections / conversions
Gas leak detection

Were you aware that maintenance plumbing will assist to prevent future disasters in your plumbing system?

Maintenance Plumbing Kiara

Plumbing maintenance is the most effective preventative choice to avoid expensive plumbing problems in the future. Highside Plumbing are dedicated to ensuring that you gain the best customer service and professional plumbing for your family home or business premises. Our goal is to provide Kiara and you with expedient, efficient plumbing services at affordable prices. We provide unique solutions to a varied range of plumbing problems, tailoring our business to match the requirements of each individual customer and the job at hand.

At Highside Plumbing and Gas, we stand by our reputation of being polite and approachable yet professional experts. We arrive within a timely manner and complete the job efficiently. Our plumbers are fully insured, highly trained and well qualified to deal with all your maintenance plumbing needs. We have a complete set of tools and equipment, which allows us to specialise in just about any plumbing problem there may be. We can deal with the complete range of plumbing requirements in Kiara, from fixing leaky faucets, hot water repairs, leak detection and repair, and so much more. Our around the clock, 24-hour, 7 day a week service allows us to provide ongoing plumbing services. We have the experience and expertise to deal with a full range of emergencies, getting your home or business back to normal quickly and effectively.


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Kiara Renovation Plumbing Solutions

Renovation Plumbing also known as Construction Plumbing

Renovating your home in Kiara is an exciting time! However it can also be very stressful. There’s the disruption, the noise, the endless procession of tradies through your house not to mention the cost!

Whether it’s a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry, additions or a full renovation, our renovation plumbers understand these challenges and work to keep the impact to a minimum. You can be certain that the plumbing in your renovation will be functional, well presented and finished with great care.

Our Renovation Plumbing services in Kiara include ..

Got questions about your plumbing in Kiara 6054?

Burst pipes behind the walls, leaky toilets or leaking hot water heaters are some of the possibilities other than leaky taps, that can assist you to decide where is all the water going when your consumption is the same! Ask your local plumber in Kiara to inspect your home or business for any probable water leaks!

An immediate rise in your utility charges may indicate an over-flowing safety valve of your water heating system. Since your system is continuously losing large amounts of hot water, it uses more energy to reheat the cold water flowing in. More energy consumption automatically ends up in high energy charges! You should contact a fully qualified plumber in Kiara to get it repaired!

If you are consistently running out of hot water when your usage is the same, this may indicate a thermostat malfunction or a faulty heating element in case you have an electric hot water heater. Installing a new heating element should fix the issue instantly! Contact your Hot Water Heater plumber in Kiara.

A running toilet is annoying to say the least! This is usually a result of a broken or faulty flush valve which needs to be replaced. The chain in the tank could also be causing you trouble! If too long, it can quite easily get caught beneath this flush valve. Get in touch as our plumbers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty!

When corrosion and rust forms inside the pipes, this is what leads to that brown water coming out of your tap. If water pressure has changed, this can cause the rust to turn loose and come through the tap and can also be due to sediment coming from the hot water unit. There is a layer between the water and metal outer of your hot water unit. If this layer is compromised, as is the quality of your water! This problem is also an indication that your Hot Water Unit may be heading towards the end of its life.

Leaks, leaks, LEAKS! I can’t stress this enough. This may simply be a dripping tap, leaky toilet or more commonly, a leaking pipe. By identifying these leaks and stopping them, you could significantly reduce all of your water bills.

There are several reasons this could be occurring. Your main water pipe could possibly be too small meaning the system cannot cope with the volume of hot water being required. Alternatively, there could be sediment build up or corrosion at the opening of the Hot Water Unit valve. When there is corrosion, it is not uncommon for water temperature to fluctuate. As this problem may be created by multiple reasons, it is recommended to employ a plumber who can make an informed decision and then devise a plan that would best suit your home and your water demands.

Pressure-balancing valves prevent sudden change in temperatures. It is occurs to everyone who showers. Elsewhere in the house a toilet is flushed, a faucet is opened, or the washing machine kicks on, and the once-temperate water coming from the showerhead is suddenly cold enough to make you jump or so hot you want to scream. A simple device called a pressure-balancing shower valve would help you.

Almost ninety percent of all leaks in residential plumbing systems are found in the toilet tank. Toilet tank leaks often result from worn parts or improper alignment of some part of the flushing mechanism. It is important to stop the leak happening.

This problem is usually caused by the water lines not being properly isolated. It can be easily fixed if your water lines are easily accessible.

Commercial Plumbing in Kiara 6054

Most commercial plumbing issues take time to develop and cause some serious damage.

The maintenance of plumbing systems in commercial buildings usually require more work than domestic plumbing fixtures. A good example is, a shopping centre probably has several bathrooms and drinking fountains spread throughout the entire building. Aside from bathrooms, a shopping centre would probably have many kitchen facilities and restaurants. Installing, repairing, and maintaining this overly complex plumbing setup can be extremely challenging.
When you need experienced commercial plumbing contractors, you can depend on Highside Plumbing and Gas.
For all your commercial plumbing in Kiara contact us 24/7 on 0455 539 919.

Our Commercial Plumbing Services in Kiara include but are not limited to ..

Commercial plumbing problems that we can assist your business in Kiara with include:

  • Commercial Stormwater installation
  • Commercial Drainage
  • Commercial Kitchen Fitouts
  • Gas leak detection and gas leak repairs
  • Water leak detection and repairs
  • Water filtration systems
  • Emergency Commercial Plumbing

and much more.

We are qualified to solve a varied range of local businesses
in Kiara including:

  • Cafes
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants 
  • Office’s of all sizes
  • Hair salons
  • Beauty salons
  • Function Centres
  • Gyms / Stadiums 
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Bed & Breakfasts / Air B&B’s

& far more to list.